Our Difference

We do not recommend a “best” plan. We do not try to guess at what is important to consumers. We do not psychoanalyze consumers. We do not profile consumers. Consumers don’t need therapy, they need information. We provide consumers with the four data points they need – total annual cost for a person like me or a family like mine, monthly premium cost, availability of preferred doctors and availability of preferred prescriptions. We trust that informed consumers, will be able to weigh the relative importance of each of these factors in deciding which plan best suits their needs.


To empower consumers to make smarter health insurance decisions by providing clear and unbiased cost comparison information.


To be the most trusted source for consumers to compare the benefits and costs of available health insurance plans.

Our Values


We Value People

We value the physical and financial health of all people and believe everyone has a right to understand and plan for healthcare costs. We trust that people will make informed decisions when armed with accurate and reliable information.

We Value Healthcare

We believe that access to healthcare is essential to a good quality of life. We believe that everyone should have access to the best healthcare they can afford.

We Value Good Information

Knowledge is power. We believe that people have the right to have access to accurate and unbiased health insurance information to plan for their financial and physical health.

We Value Clarity

We believe that good information must be communicated in a way that is clear, useful and accessible to everyone.