Our Software

Our ClearHealthPlanSelector ask users for a few targeted inputs including age, gender, zip code, overall health, known or anticipated health concerns, preferred doctors and preferred prescriptions. Our patents pending software combines the power of big data with cutting edge machine learning programs to offer consumers a customized ClearCost estimate of projected use and cost for each available health insurance plan. Our software creates use estimates for over 30 of the most common illnesses and conditions, modified for user characteristics including age, gender and overall health. Users can adjust their ClearCost use estimate and cost will adjust accordingly.

Cost is modeled against insurance plan provisions and takes into account both deductibles and, where applicable, subsidies and cost share reduction HSA tax savings, and employer contribution. In a matter of minutes consumers can compare the total annual costs under each plan as well as the availability of preferred doctors and prescriptions.

Our software is cloud based and is available as a fully hosted web and mobile application or can be easily integrated into existing exchange platforms.


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