Who We Are

We are consumers. We are employees who have been faced with as many as eighteen plans to choose from with two days to decide. We are consumers on the public exchange and in the individual market who have had to choose from dozens of plans with no information beyond the premium, the deductible and the corporate logo to differentiate among plans. We have spent hours combing through old bills and creating spreadsheets, trying to figure out which plan is most cost effective. We have spent hours trying to figure out charges and trying to use provider directories to find out if our preferred providers were in-network. We have sought the advice of friends, HR professionals and colleagues in trying to choose the right plan.

Our first product is an insurance decision analysis tool that creates a total annual cost comparison of available plans based on a customized analysis of health care use. We help consumers and families select an insurance plan that will provide the coverage they need without overpaying. Our software is simple and fast to use and empowers consumers to make better decisions about one of the most important purchases they will make this year. Consumers can feel confident that they are making an informed decision.

We created this tool because we needed it and it did not exist.


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Meet Our Team
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Jennifer Sclar

Chief Executive Officer

Knows the information consumers need in order to make informed decisions about their health insurance from her many years of experience as a litigator and consumer advocate.

BA, Barnard College;
JD, Columbia University

Kathryn Wollan

Chief Consumer Officer

Knows how to quickly analyze and translate complex information for decision makers and stakeholders from her years of experience managing government projects and compliance efforts.

BA, Barnard College;
MS, University of Vermont

Kareem Ayoub

Director of Data Science

Knows how to translate big data into clear, accurate and actionable information using his expertise in data science, machine learning algorithms and device implementation.

BS, Rice University;
PhD, Oxford University (2016);
MD, Washington University (2018)

Len Kunin

Chief Technology Officer

Knows how to build and integrate complex software programs from his 18 years of experience developing and deploying trading systems and strategies.

BS, University of Pennsylvania;
MS, Princeton University